The Zippo Lighter
is what John Rambo kept from his Vietnam War days. It was a standard-issue service lighter that was a complimentary collector's item for all those who served in the special forces.

First BloodEdit

A national guardsman by the name of "Robert A." is lighting up a cigarette with a Zippo when Rambo jumps into the truck and hijacks it. He throws Robert out of the truck and drives back to Hope. He eventually arrives and rams the truck into the fuel island of the Chevron filling station. Rambo then takes an M60 from the back of the truck and throws the lit Zippo lighter that he took from Robert and threw it onto the gasoline trail, igniting and causing a large explosion which destroyed the station as well as the nearby car dealership. It also created a fire which engulfed the local highway and blocked all emergency services from entering Hope and assisting the civillians from Rambo's rampage.

Rambo IVEdit

The lighter wasn't seen again until Rambo IV, when Rambo uncapped it, struck the flame and threw his wartime lighter onto the Burmese Tatmadaw river pirate boat which he had previously doused in boat gasoline. The dead bodies he left on the boat went up in flames and Rambo fled right as the flames engulfed the fuel tank, cuasing an explosion which engulfed and destroyed the boat. It would presumably sink later.


  • First Blood
  • Rambo IV
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