Just discovered this wiki.

My main interest is in First Blood, which is a movie I will watch from start to finish nearly every time it's on TV, as opposed to the shoot 'em up movies that #2 and 3 were (I haven't seen the 2008 film yet, but am highly motivated to now based on David Morrell's comments about how the film captured what he thought was the true Rambo).

I'm intrigued to see what Rambo fans think is the best of the many DVD collections available on Amazon.  My main interest after watching the excellent commentaries on the Breaking Bad DVD's is any commentaries or interviews with David Morrell and/or Sylvester Stallone either about the character, his motivation, or how difficult it was to get the first movie made and to see all the uncut scenes (I have seen the original ending for First Blood on youtube which would have effectively killed the franchise, but feels more true to the inner turmoil that Rambo feels about returning to a world that no longer cares what happens to him.