Uri (Shaby Ben-Aroya) in Rambo III.

Uri was a Soviet soldier who fought in the Soviet-Afghanistan war.

He was played by Shaby Ben-Aroya.


At some point he became concerned about the bloodshed of the war and imperialistic manner in which his country was behaving in Afghanistan. Disillusioned and seeing through the propaganda he had been fed, Uri decided to do the right thing and desert his unit, joining up with the Mujahideen as an inside man to give them intelligence in order to aid them in defending their homelands.

Rambo IIIEdit


Uri's death.

Uri appears at the Mujahideen camp in Khost, Afghanistan, where he is assisting the Mujahideen with information about the Soviets and what they are planning to do. John Rambo initially does not trust Uri due to his past with Soviets. However, Uri gains his trust when Rambo questions Uri about the prison camp Trautman is being held at. Uri draws a rock diagram in the dirt during a meeting. Uri shows him where the prisoners are held, where the guards are, and where they will have to make their escape. Uri is later killed by Colonel Zaysen during the Soviet helicopter assault on the Mujahideen camp. Uri is tragically killed while he is shooting an AKMS at Colonel Zaysen's Hind. Zaysen shoots Uri to death with the helicopter's YakB 12.7mm Gatling machine guns.