Full Name
Appeared in
Soviet helicopter pilot
Slaughtering many of the Mujahideen and their families to keep the region in check with Colonel Zaysen, kill John Rambo.
Hair color
Soviet Russian
Cause of Death
Explosed when Rambo shot his helicopter with an explosive arrow
Portrayed by
Marcus Gilbert

Tomask is a supporting antagonist of the 1988 film Rambo III. He is a Soviet army pilot who is in league with Colonel Alexei Zaysen. He was portrayed by Marcus Gilbert.


Along with many of the Soviet men deployed in Afghanistan, Tomask assisted Colonel Zaysen in slaughtering many of the Mujahideen and their families to keep the region in check, even before Zaysen captured Colonel Trautman due to the latter's assistance with the Mujahideen. He was first seen helping out Sergeant Kourov escorting a captive Trautman to Zaysen's office, where Zaysen demanded Trautman to know about the location of stinger missiles to no avail.

Tomask was later informed by a Pakistani shop assistant that his former employer Mousa Ghani (a Mujahideen arms dealer) and the other Mujahideen are conspiring with a ex-soldier named John Rambo (a protege of Trautman) to rescue Trautman from captivity. With this information, they informed Zaysen, who then laid down a helicopter attack on the village where Rambo and Mousa are residing, resulting numerous casualties. Despite this setback, Rambo was able to rescue Trautman and the remaining captured Afghan villagers from Zaysen's military base. As such, Zaysen angrily ordered Tomask and his other men to track down Rambo and Trautman at all costs, telling them that they shouldn't reach the border.

To that end, Tomask piloted his own helicopter in an air pursuit on Rambo and Trautman. However, the duo were able to reach deep caverns hiden inside the ground. As Tomask continued the search, Rambo prepared his bow and arrows. When Tomask tells his pilot to raise up a helicopter above a high point, Rambo suddenly appears on top of the point, aiming his explosive arrow. Tomask finally realizes this too late screaming in defeat as Rambo fires the arrow into the helicopter, destroying it and killing Tomask and his co-pilots.

This was witnessed by Zaysen, who angrily sends Kourov and several men down the caverns to kill Rambo and Trautman. Unfortunately, Kourov and his men suffered Tomask's fate as they too end up being killed by Rambo and Trautman.

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