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"Survival Mode" was an interactive special feature included on the Artisan Rambo Ultimate Edition DVDs. 


Survival Mode has been called "useless" or a "waste of time" by some reviewers who have criticized Artisan's decision to substitute normal special features with the interactive feature. However, if you take the time to watch the films in Survival Mode, you find that it educates you on the characters, settings and other aspects of the films through briefings, giving you further insight into events that took place prior to the films. Among other things, the Survival Mode confirmed that Will Teasle was a Korean War veteran who served at the Chosin Reservoir (backed up by the medals on his desk in the film and his service at the Chosin Reservoir as also stated in the book).


  • MetaVision Survival Mode: Active to enhance your viewing capability of the films
  • MetaPlot: Military Training Features- Exclusive access to manuals, diagrams, and demonstrations of special ops techniques and tactics
  • Early Warning System: Receive notification of upcoming events
  • MetaBrief: View critical intelligence dossiers
  • MetaScope: Exclusive view through virtual magnifying glass at people, places, and objects
  • MetaSight: Control laser guided targeting of enemy and other threats
  • MetaPoint: Observe GPS-guided overhead view of on-screen action
  • MetaMap: View the action from above via picture in puicture while viewing the films