Real Mujahideen fighters with a Stinger.

The FIM 92A "Stinger" Missile
is an infrared homing surface-to-air portable missile.

It was used as an important plot device in the 1988 sequel, Rambo III.

Rambo IIIEdit

Colonel Sam Trautman tells John Rambo in Thailand that he is assisting the Afghan Mujahideen rebel fighters combat the invading Soviets by arming them with Stingers, as part of the famous "Operation Cyclone". Rambo declines to help out. Colonel Zaysen captures Trautman while he is trying to deliver the missiles into Afghanistan, and confronts him about it, demanding the wherabouts of further missiles. Trautman denies any participation and mocks Zaysen for the way he pronounces "missiles" with his Russian accent.

Mentioned InEdit

  • Rambo III