The Shotgun is a popular weapon in the Rambo film series. 


A shotgun is a large caliber weapon that fires large cartridges wrapped in plastic. These cartridges contain lead ballbearings known as "shot" or solid lead "slugs", which are detrimental to targets, although they are far less accurate than rifles due to having a smooth bore.

Shotguns are most popular with hunters but are also used by police to contain riots. Shotguns come in double, triple or single barrel fashions. Repeating mechanisms include pump action, lever action, semi-automatic and bolt action. 



Shotguns UsedEdit

  • Remington 870 with folding stock (Part II)
  • Remington 870 pump action (with folding stock)
  • Remington Model 31 (Part II)
  • Unknown double barreled shotgun (Part I)
  • Unknown pump action shotgun (Part I)


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