Robert Griggs (Kurtwood Smith) in Rambo III.

"I assume you're out of touch with the current status of the war. Civillians, mostly peasant farmers and their families, are being systematically slaughtered by invading Russian armies. Every new weapon, including chemical warfare, has been used to eliminate these people. "
―Robert Griggs about the Afghan-Soviet War.

Robert Griggs was a field officer at the Thailand U.S. Embassy. He is played by Kurtwood Smith of That 70's Show fame.

Rambo IIIEdit

Robert Griggs first appeared when he watched John Rambo stick fighting in a warehouse in Bangkok, Thailand with Colonel Sam Trautman. Griggs followed Rambo to a Buddhist monestary and told him about the atrocities the invading Russian armies are committing in Afghanistan against the peasant farmers that live in the third world country. Griggs shows Rambo photographs of mutilated children and Trautman asks if Rambo will help him deliver shipments of Stinger missiles to the poor Mujhadeen fighters. Rambo declines because his killing must end. Griggs remarks that they "have a long walk down those stairs". He is then seen when he arrives at the monestary again to inform John Rambo that Trautman has been captured by the Soviets. Griggs tells him that they can't do anything about this and Rambo says that he will organize a rescue mission. Griggs tells him that it can't be done unofficially, and agrees to do it unofficially. He leaves and later contacts Rambo, telling him to go to Peshwar, Pakistan to a shop and ask for a man named Mousa. It is because of Griggs that Rambo is able to locate Trautman, and although he is never seen again in the film, he is a major part of the film's plot.