Reese (Jake La Botz) in Rambo.

"Try reading the paper, redneck, instead of sleeping under it."
―En-Joo to Reese.

Reese (called "Tombstone" by Lewis) was an ex-Army Ranger American mercenary hired by Reverend Arthur Marsh to retrieve Sarah Miller and the other Christian missionaries from the Tatmadaw Army.

Rambo IVEdit

Reese was first seen on John Rambo's boat, heading down the Salween river. During the long boat ride, Reese annoyed everyone, especially Lewis, by singing the song The Wishing Well. Reese's arms were covered in tattoos and he was wearing a camouflaged vest and a black tee-shirt. Reese's weapon of choice was a camouflaged M4A1 carbine with an M203 grenade launcher mounted underneath the barrel. He was seen participating in the final gunfight by sneaking up on Tatmadaw soldiers and stabbing them.

It is believed that Reese survived the final gunfight but he was left severely injured and lying amidst the wreckage with Lewis. He is on his knees looking up by Lewis.