An autographed copy of the Rambo IV Soundtrack showing the CD.

The Rambo IV Soundtrack is the score for the fourth Rambo film, Rambo. It was composed by Brian Tyler and the only soundtrack in the series that was not composed by Jerry Goldsmith.

Although it wasn't composed by Goldsmith, it retained the tone and style of him while also introducing new beats and ideas, including a more relaxed feel and an overall positive feel. The Rambo IV score was also the first sequel score in the series to return to the original film's musical roots. 

Style[edit | edit source]

Rather than combine a new score, the Rambo IV Soundtrack combines the somber patriotic music of First Blood with the exotic southeast Asian music of Rambo: First Blood Part II. The music is no less intense, but there is also a powerful emotional resonance that reflects director Sylvester Stallone's vision of a world torn apart by war, and the lone warrior who knows what he must do about it. Also introduced by Tyler is a dramatic beat that reflects Rambo's attitude. Overall, the soundtrack has a more epic feel to it than the previous ones, combined with the nostalgia and fallen glory of First Blood. Not only does it have a more powerful pulse, but it also ends on a triumphant and upbeat note, suggesting that Rambo has finally beaten his inner demons and is moving on with his life. This is a first for the series. Another first for the series was the peaceful and relaxed tone that this soundtrack had, which was never utilized in the earlier scores. This was done to portray the inner struggle Rambo was fighting and also the facade of peace Rambo thought he had and would ultimately achieve at the end of his story. The soundtrack was released to good reviews, many fans praising Tyler for being able to combine Goldsmith's themes into an intense new style of Rambo soundtrack. Most thought that Tyler lived up to Goldsmith as a composer, but the soundtrack was not without its detractors.

Track Listing[edit | edit source]

1. Rambo Theme
2. No Rules Of Engagement
3. Conscription
4. The Rescue
5. Aftermath
6. Searching For Missionaries
7. Hunting Mercenaries
8. Crossing Into Burma
9. The Village
10. Rambo Returns
11. When You Are Pushed
12. The Call To War
13. Atrocities
14. Prison Camp
15. Attack On The Village
16. Rambo Takes Charge
17. The Compound
18. Battle Adagio
19. Rambo Main Title

20. Rambo End Title

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