Sega's Rambo III.

Rambo III: The Video Game
is a series of  video games originally produced in 1988.


The object of the game is to kill Russian soldiers, save Colonel Sam Trautman and avoid being killed. Occasionally the game will give hints and mini-missions, such as instructing the player to cause a diversion like blowing up the Soviet arsenal to distract the soldiers and give an opportunity to rescue Trautman. John Rambo has his Compound bow with the explosive arrows, a knife, and several machine guns. He can also pilot helicopters.


  • Console Versions: Sega
  • PC-DOS version was developed by Ocean and published by Taito and Ocean.
  • Amiga, Spectrum, C64, Amstrad also were Taito and Ocean.
  • Taito also released an arcade game based on the film as well.