The RPG-7 before being fired at the NVA Gunboat in Rambo: First Blood Part II.

The RPG-7 is a Russian anti-tank rocket launcher that is seen in Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III. Although the ones used in the films have only factory iron sights, the RPG seen on the poster of Rambo: First Blood Part II features a PGO-7 scope.

Unlike most rocket launchers such as the Bazooka and M72 LAW, the RPG is reusable. The RPG is designed to explode on impact and propel molten copper from the rocket's core through the thick hull of a tank.

Rambo: First Blood Part IIEdit

The RPG-7 is seen when Rambo boards the river pirate's boat. The pirate opens up a compartment that contains an RPG-7 with Russian writing clearly taken from an ammunition box written on the rocket. The Russian writing literally translates to "Cartridges 7.62mm 1943 year". This is strange to place on a 70mm rocket warhead. After Rambo dispatches all of the hostile river pirates who sold him out, a NVA gun boat arrives with dual Browning M2 Aircraft machine guns firing at the boat. Rambo pulls the RPG-7 and adjusts the iron sights before pulling the trigger and firing the rocket at the boat, destroying it. Rambo later jumps off the boat before the destroyed gun boat collides with it.

Rambo IIIEdit


Rambo fires the RPG in Rambo III.

Rambo uses a Soviet RPG-7 to destroy a gate in the prison camp during the failed rescue attempt of Colonel Trautman. It appears to be the same rocket launcher from the previous film.