R. Rambo's rusted mailbox.

R. Rambo is the apparent father of John Rambo. He lives on a horse farm in Arizona and has never been seen. In fact, not even his full name is known.


In the novelization of Rambo: First Blood Part II, John mentions that his father drank and beat his mother, Marie Drago, but this was not mentioned in the film canon. R. Rambo also tried to kill John with a knife at one point during a drunken rage, but Rambo defended himself by shooting his Compound Bow at his father, badly injuring and nearly killing him. Rambo would run away that night and later be drafted into the army. The result of this fight led to the two men not speaking for over forty years.

Rambo IVEdit


Rambo sees his father's rusted mailbox.

On the boat ride into Burma, Sarah Miller asked Rambo if he had a family. Rambo replied that his mother is deceased and that he has a father that he has been estranged from ever since he was drafted into Vietnam. Sarah suggested that he should go back home, but Rambo shrugged it off, content with his life in Thailand. However, after the end of the film, he was encouraged by Sarah's words and went home, where he saw his father's rusted mailbox at his horse farm. Rambo looks back at the road he has been walking since the first film, hesitant to proceed, but then keeps walking, having finally moved on with his life.


R. Rambo's first name is unknown. Sylvester Stallone has joked that it is "Roberto", which could be a reference the Rocky series of films, which also star Stallone, Rocky's real name is "Robert". But it is believed that his first initial is 'R' because of Richard Crenna, who the film is dedicated to, as his character has been seen as a father figure to Rambo.


  • We do not even know if the character is still alive, but if there is another film, we will probably be given more information on his character.


Rambo (12 12) Movie CLIP - Rambo Goes Home (2008) HD

Rambo (12 12) Movie CLIP - Rambo Goes Home (2008) HD