Full Name
Appeared in
Find and catch John Rambo
Alive or dead
Portrayed by
Don MacKay
"We're not hunting him. He's hunting us. "
―Preston on John Rambo.

Preston was one of Art Galt's deputies for the Hope, Washington police department. 

He was an older, balding deputy with an attempt at a comb-over haircut. Preston was not injured by Rambo at any point in the film because he was not an aggressor. In the novel, he is blinded when Rambo punches his nose, sending bone splinters into his eyes. Preston at one point gave Rambo a painful shower with a fire hose, but only did so because he was ordered to do it by Galt, and he appreared to regret doing it. Preston was not seen again after this.

Preston was portrayed by Don MacKay. 

First Blood[edit | edit source]

Preston was first seen manning the fire hose used to wash John Rambo using full power on the way. Because Rambo was clearly in pain, Preston showed visible regret for what he was told to do. Art Galt laughed while spinning his nightstick and reminded Preston to "be sure to get him behind the ears".

Preston is last seen winding up the fire hose while Galt and his deputies prepare to painfully shave Rambo without any shaving cream. When Rambo loses it and attacks Galt himself, Preston can be seen fleeing the scene in the background, having put the fire hose back. 

Preston was seen with Lester going to the scene of the explosion of the gas station. Burns

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