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Locals in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Peshawar, Pakistan is a city located in western Pakistan that became the de-facto headquarters of the Mujahaideen rebels


Many people pronounce the name of the city as "Pesh-hour", the American way to pronounce it. However, the correct way to pronounce it is "Peck-a-waar". Many people also mistakenly believe that it is spelled as "Peshwar"

Rambo III[]

John Rambo was seen walking through a bazaar (market) in the city to try and find Mousa Ghanin's gun shop. He noticed various tribal people in ethnic dress armed with or selling old German and British rifles. There are a few that are seen carrying original AK-47s. The most common items being sold are guns, fabric, food, antiques and various other items of merchandise. 

It was crucial to the plot of Rambo III in a sense that it allowed him to meet a man named Mousa Ghanid who put him in touch with the Mujahaideen and allowed him to rescue Colonel Sam Trautman, but it would ultimately lead to him getting ratted on by a shop assistant of Mousa's, which would result in Rambo getting seriously injured by shrapnel.

Appeared In[]

  • Rambo III