Peace in our Life is a song performed by Frank Stallone, brother of Sylvester Stallone. It is played during the end credits of Rambo: First Blood Part II.


We gave Our hearts
We gave it all
Flame in the fire
Burns forevermore

To sorrow in believing
Honor and truth
Gray spires climbing
Wrapped around our youth

Peace in our life
Remember the call
Oh, a cheer for my brothers
Think of them all
Home of the brave We'll never fall
The strength of our nation
Belongs to us all

Time is the healing
of souls laid to rest
Peace is the virtue
Never forget
Tomorrow's an angel
Watching us all
Telling the people
she wraps around our hearts


RAMBO 2 Movie soundtrack

RAMBO 2 Movie soundtrack. Track 21 of 21 PEACE IN OUR LIFE by FRANK STALLONE