"Let's do some huntin'!"
―Orval on John Rambo.
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Orval in First Blood.

Orval Kellerman was the "dog man" of Hope, Washington. He appeared in both the novel and film versions of First Blood. He was portrayed by John McLiam.

The names of his dogs are never explicitly revealed, although he refers to one of his three Dobermans as "Maggie".


The novel of First Blood gives far more insight to Orval's character. It is revealed, for instance, that he had no children with his wife, Bea. Orval had been Will Teasle's father's best friend, and the three of them used to go out hunting together every Saturday of the season. Then, after Teasle's father had been killed, Orval had become a second father to him. He was retired now, but he was in better shape than men half as young, and he had the best trained pack of hounds in the county. However, the two had a strained relationship, as Orval always felt that Teasle was doing his job the wrong way. Orval was killed by John Rambo  after he went into the mountains with his bloodhounds, which he went to use to hunt Rambo down. In the novel, his death served as a catalyst for Teasle's vengeance against Rambo rather then Art Galt's death in the film. Orval lived in Madison, Kentucky in the novel.

First BloodEdit


Orval's dogs. They appear to be Dobermans.

Orval was the same character in the film, but the subplot about him being a second father to Teasle was dropped entirely. Orval was severely wounded by Rambo after he used the last of the bullets from Art Galt's Winchester Model 88 lever action rifle to shoot him in the leg. Orval was unable to be tended to at the time because the first aid kit was left in the squad car. A makeshift tournaquette was fashioned by Teasle and used to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Although Orval wasn't killed, he was emotionally devastated when he witnessed his three best dogs killed by Rambo. Orval is last seen telling Teasle to kill Rambo in revenge for the loss of his dogs. Orval lived in Hope, Washington in the film.