"Your people were taken from here. Army come, kill everything. Leave our dead here as warning. He see enough. Tha, go home. Quickly. Mine everywhere. Watch where you walking."
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Myint (Supakorn Kitsuwon) in Rambo.

Myint was one of the Karen tribespeople that helped John Rambo to rescue Sarah Miller and the other Christian missionaries from the Tatmadaw Army.

He was portrayed by Supakorn Kitsuwon.

Rambo IVEdit

Myint appears when the group arrives at the abandoned village. He speaks to the group and agrees to show them where the Tatmadaw are camped at, along the way showing them a half-buried British bomb from World War II, which Rambo later uses to kill dozens of soldiers. They are forced to hide when the Tatmadaw arrive and force prisoners to run across a land-mine ridden rice paddy.

However, Rambo shows up and kills them all, saving the civillians. Myint and Rambo talk in Thai and Myint thanks Rambo. Myint shows them through the jungle and later on helps Rambo and the mercenaries in the firefight with the Tatmadaw at the end of the film, where he destroys a Tatmadaw gunboat with an AT4 anti-tank rocket launcher.


Myint's weapon of choice was a customized, shortened AKMS with a pistol folding stock. The custom rifle has parts from the Norinco Type 56 and the AKMS. In reality, these rifles don't interchange parts, but it was possible since the gun is massively customized and practically rebuilt from scratch.

The redwood handguards were taken from a Type 56, and the bulk of the gun comes from the AKMS. Myint's gun is one of the most commonly seen prop weapons in American cinema, having been featured in dozens of films including Terminator 3.