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Rambo meets Mrs. Barry and shows them his picture of him and Delmar.

Mrs. Barry is a character seen in First Blood. She lives at Delmar Barry's house in rural Washington state, near a lake. It is not made clear as to whether or not she is Delmar's wife or mother, however it is more likely that she is his widow because of the children also living there. 

The woman who played Mrs. Barry is as of now unknown.

First BloodEdit

Mrs. Barry is first seen when John Rambo heads to his buddy from Vietnam, Delmar Barry's house in Washington state. Rambo had it rough after the war and he thought that if he settled down by a friend it would get better. Rambo encountered Mrs. Barry while she was outside doing laundry and he showed her a picture of him and Delmar together from the war. After he asked for Delmar, she told one of the children to go inside. Mrs. Barry informed Rambo that Delmar died of multiple Myeloma cancer over a year prior "from all that orange shit they're spreading around". She told Rambo that she could have lifted him off the sheet by the time he died. Distraught at the loss of the only surviving member of Baker Team, and his only friend, he gives Mrs. Barry the picture and leaves towards the nearest town, unsure of what to do next. Rambo's encounter with Mrs. Barry sets the events of First Blood in motion.