Mousa's assistant (left).

"Want to buy? Many guns here. "
―Mousa's assistant.

Mousa's Unnamed Assistant worked in Mousa Ghanin's weapons shop in a bazaar in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Rambo IIIEdit

Mousa's Assistant is the first person who meets John Rambo after his arrival in Pakistan. Rambo is asked if he wants to buy some guns, but he declines and asks to see Mousa. The Assistant puffs on his cigarrette and tells Rambo to wait. He gets Mousa and the two go into the back to talk about their rescue mission. Unbeknowest to them, however, the Assistant was eavesdropping on their conversation. He later traveled to Khost, Afghanistan to tell Colonel Zaysen of a rescue attempt, presumably for profit.

Later in the film, the Assistant prepares to watch Trautman get tortured with a makeshift flamethrower, only for Rambo to arrive and massacre the torture crew. He throws his knife at the Assistant, but misses and hits the doorframe, scaring the man away but Trautman went after him and twisted his neck killing him after Rambo kills the guard.