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Mousa Ghanin


Full Name
Mousa Ghanin
Weapon of Choice
AKMS rifle
Help John Rambo to save Colonel Trautman.
Portrayed by
Sasson Gabai
"May God deliver us from the venom of the Cobra, teeth of the tiger, and the vengeance of the Afghan."
―Mousa on the bravery of the Afghan people.

Mousa Ghanin was one of the key Mujahideen fighters and John Rambo's most important ally and friend in Rambo III.

Mousa was played by Sasson Gabai.

Rambo III[]

Mousa Ghanin runs a shop in a bazaar located in the city of Peshwar, Pakistan, which at the time, was the headquarters of the Mujahideen. Rambo goes into the shop and runs into Mousa, who takes him into the back of the shop, where he keeps an array of guns that the army uses against the Soviets. He goes through Rambo's supplies, like explosives, detonators, and blue glow sticks, which Mousa does not recognize. Mousa later escorts Rambo on horses through the mountains of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, and he recites an old saying that was spoken by Afghanistan's enemies: "May God deliver us from the venom of the cobra, the teeth of the tiger, and the vengeance of the Afghan." Mousa asks Rambo if he knows what this means and Rambo replies: "That you guys don't take any shit." Mousa smiles and agrees. At the Mujahideen camp in Khost, Afghanistan, Mousa introduces him to a game where they race to get a sheep skin and talks about what the Soviets do to Afghans. Mousa escorts Rambo to the Soviet camp and helps him many times during the attacks, along with Hamid, a boy soldier. Mousa helps Rambo when they are ambushed by Zaysen's men at the end of the film.