"After this film is released, I shall keep a low profile; because Burmese intelligence is everywhere, even in Thailand, and there could be some kind of retaliation. But I had to take the part. I want people to know what is actually going on here."
―Maung Maung Khin on why he did Rambo IV.

Khin and Sylvester Stallone on the set of Rambo.

Maung Maung Khin is the actor who portrayed Major Pa Tee Tint, the main villain in Rambo IV.

Khin had no acting experience but was chosen because Stallone liked him and his life story.


Khin was a former Karen soldier who first joined the resistance in 1988 (the same year Rambo III was released) after the uprising in Rangoon, and continued to fight on the front lines for years. However, Khin escaped to Thailand and agreed to take part in the film to raise awareness to the genocide going on in Burma. He also knew of the Tatmadaw Army's brutality firsthand, and during filming impressed Stallone with his passion and firsthand knowledge of the subject. However, shortly after the film was released, the country's opressive government banned the film and imprisoned Maung Maung Khin's family because of his role in the film.

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