Master Cutlery Rambo III knife.

Master Cutlery, owned by Hollywood Collectables Group (HCG), is an American-based knife and bobblehead manufacturer.

Master Cutlery makes replications of all the Rambo knives and their prices are usually higher than United Cutlery's.


Master Cutlery has been criticized for their business practices. Master Cutlery doesn't own the knife designs so they don't have to pay royalties to their designers. However, since they have the name they can sell the replicas. Another criticism against Master Cutlery is how they have changed the dimensions on competing knife brands for their Rambo knives and claiming that theirs are movie accurate when they are not.

Master Cutlery also claims that they are the "official" replica manufacturers, even though Gil Hibben is the only official Rambo manufacturer today. They have also been criticized for a lack of balance and ergonomics in their weapons, as opposed to the even weight of United Cutlery's replicas.

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