Maria Beltran


Full Name
Maria Beltran
Appeared in
Bring up her granddaughter. Look after the Rambo Ranch.
Unnamed daughter (daughter, deceased)
Gabriela Beltran (granddaughter, deceased)
Close Friends
John Rambo (Brother-figure)
Reevis Rambo (Father-figure)
Portrayed by

Maria Beltran is a main character of the 2019 movie Rambo: Last Blood. She was portrayed by Adriana Barraza.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Maria was a close friend of John Rambo and his father Reevis Rambo. She has worked on Rambo's father's farm all her life in Bowie, Arizona, and is considered something of a sister-figure to Rambo. After Rambo arrived from Burma she worked for John and lived together with her granddaughter Gabriela Beltran. Gabriela always wanted to know where is her biological father and why did he left her and her mother. One day she got a phone call by one of her friend Gizelle, who found her father in Mexico. Gabriela asks John and her grandmother for they're blessings but to her dismay, they both warned her not to go and that her father was not a good man. However, Gabriela was too emotional about the situation and secretly leaves to Mexico. Meanwhile, Maria informs Rambo of Gabriela's disappearance in Mexico. Rambo rushes to Mexico and interrogates both her father and Gizelle about Gabriela's whereabouts. Rambo killed several men who kidnapped and find the drugged Gabriela. While driving back home in his pickup, Rambo thanks Gabriela for giving him hope for ten years but she dies from the forced overdose. Rambo subsequently buries her near their house and mourns her demise. Than Rambo sent Maria to her sister. In grief, Maria leaves the farm, claiming that there is nothing left for her there anymore.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Adriana Barraza also played the Grandmother of Dora Marquez in Dora and the Lost City of Gold which also came out this year.

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