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John Rambo plants the Claymore mine under the bomb.

The M18A1 Claymore Mine
is a type of mine that is filled with C-4 plastic explosive. It was used in Rambo to kill many Tatmadaw soldiers.

Rambo IVEdit

Schoolboy was seen carrying a Claymore during the film. Rambo spots an unexploded British "Grand Slam" bomb from World War II and asks Schoolboy for the Claymore. Schoolboy tosses it to him and Rambo rips off a piece of Sarah Miller's blouse. Rambo runs off to the bomb's location and strings up the Claymore with a trip wire underneath the bomb. He places the piece of Sarah's shirt on it and covers the equipment with leaves before fleeing. The Tatmadaw arrive and the dogs sniff out the piece of Sarah's shirt. The Tatmadaw think that someone is hiding under the leaves and brush them away, pulling the trip wire in the process. This sets off the Claymore, which detonates the six thousand pounds of explosive in the "Grand Slam" bomb in the process, killing at least eight soldiers in a gigantic explosion.

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