Delbert Krackhauer was a member of Baker Team, John Rambo's Special Forces unit, during the Vietnam War.


In the fanfiction, Rambo: Year One, Krackhauer was a bigoted German-American medic. The root of his prejudices may be because his father was a Nazi SS officer during World War II, who fled to America to escape prosecution after the war. He frequently taunted Delmar Barry until Barry saved his life during a firefight near DaNang in the winter of 1970. Krackhauer was treating a bullet wound through Ortega's buttocks when a NVA soldier emerged out of the jungle ready to pierce him with a bayonet. However, just in time, Barry appeared, painfully grabbed the soldier's crotch, and threw the soldier face-first onto the ground, where he quickly jumped onto his back and slammed the soldier's head onto a rock repeatedly, killing him. Krackhauer was myseriously killed in a Saigon Bar called "KiKi's Clam Trap" during R&R. His body was found in the bathroom facedown in the toilet bowl, and the cause of his death is unknown.