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"He was an asshole who wouldn't shut up."
―—Rambo to Johnny Cage talking about Ericson.

John Rambo, better known as Rambo, known for the film franchise of the same name, is a playable guest character in Mortal Kombat 11.

He is a part of the Kombat Pack 2 Downloadable Characters for Mortal Kombat 11.

About John Rambo[]

John Rambo is the protagonist of the Rambo film series and has appeared in every film. Rambo is a highly trained former United States Army soldier as a member of a SOG brigade. Having fought in Vietnam, suffering heavy torture at the hands of enemy troops, Rambo was discharged from the Military, only to struggle with readjusting to the civilian life, something difficult due to his struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder.


Rambo's appearance varies depending on what Kosmetic Outfit is selected, with his appearances taking inspiration from his original movies in the Rambo franchise.

Rambo's primary appearance is directly taken from Rambo III, where his sports an all black outfit consisting of a tank top, jeans, leather belt, boots, bandana, and a watch. This appearance can also be changed from the original color scheme to various other colors due to customization options.

Rambo's second outfit choice is very similar to the default costume, but he instead is without a shirt and is wearing Co's jade pendant.

Rambo has an outfit choice that is from his first movie, First Blood. Rambo wears a white tank top with blue jeans, a black leather belt and black boots. Most notably, he wears a brown poncho over these clothes.

His fourth outfit choice is also taken from the first movie of his respective franchise. Rambo is equipped with the well known M-1965 field jacket in olive green color and wears a blue pair of jeans.

The player can also select one of 30 unique Headbands, Knifes and Bows for Rambo to use. His default Headband is a standard black sweatband. His default knife is the knife used in First Blood: Part II and his bow is also from the same movie.


  • Mortal Kombat 11: "John J. Rambo is a former United States Special Forces soldier deeply haunted by his time in Vietnam. He is rough, aggressive and is well known for entering exceptionally dangerous situations alone. Rambo has reactivated his ruthless fighting skills to infiltrate the MK Universe.

Combat Characteristics[]

Power and Abilities[]

Rambo does not have any abilities, but instead uses an arsenal of many different weapons. He uses a Bowie knife, bow and arrow, guns, and even traps. He is also very muscular and healthy, so he uses his physical strength at times against his enemies. His true power lies in his skill with guerilla warfare. As a master of the technique, Rambo has learned how to use his training and resourcefulness to confront enemies. He can improvise weapons from natural resources to craft hidden traps to kill or injure opponents and effectively use evasive maneuvers such as army crawling and side dashes, allowing him to dodge ranged and melee attacks. Rambo is also a skilled martial artist and knife wielder which makes him dangerous in close quarter combat.

Signature Moves[]

  • Hunting Bow: Rambo takes his bow and fires an arrow at the opponent. He can delay or cancel the attack, he can also fire up to 3 arrows. (MK11)
  • Whip Trap: Rambo activates a trip wire that causes a piece of wood, with several wooden spikes attached, to strike the opponent.. (MK11)
  • Leopard Krawl: Rambo drops to the ground and crawls towards the opponent. Depending on an input, Rambo is given different attacks to use when he's prone: (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Rambo slashes at the opponent's shins with his knife.
    • Rambo grabs the opponent's foot, cuts it, drives his knife into their gut, lifting them off the ground, and knocks them away with a punch.
      • If Rambo crawls across half of the full-screen distance, the attack turns into a Krushing Blow, with the punch to the face crushing the upper half of the opponent's skull inward and dealing over double the original damage.
    • Rambo gets up to his knee and enters a parrying stance. If he is struck with a High, a Mid or a Low attack, he grabs the opponent's foot, cuts it, drives his knife into their gut, lifting them off the ground, and knocks them away with a punch.
      • If Rambo crawls across half of the full-screen distance, the attack turns into a Krushing Blow, with the punch to the face crushing the upper half of the opponent's skull inward and dealing over double the original damage.
  • Shoulder Roll: Rambo rolls forward, turns around and slashes with his knife. This attack can go behind the opponent, allowing for space control options. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Rambo can cancel the attack at the cost of one bar of Defensive meter.
    • Amplifying the attack has Rambo strike the opponent over the head with his bow, knocking them down.
      • If this move is performed on the opponent as a Kounter or Punish, the attack turns into a Krushing Blow, where Rambo slashes the opponent's gut, he slices their intestines, causing blood to splatter, dealing damage over time.
  • FUBAR: Rambo grabs his opponent, places their back over his knee, before stabbing them in the gut and throwing them over his shoulder. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Amplifying the move causes Rambo to stab the opponent two more times, as well as slashing open their stomach.
    • Amplifying the attack also allows Rambo to either switch sides, or keep the opponent on the side they are on.
      • If the amplified version is performed on an opponent doing a Getup Roll, the attack turns into a Krushing Blow, where Rambo will completely slash open his opponent's stomach, causing blood to splatter, dealing damage over time.
  • Hidden M60: Rambo pulls an M60 hidden on the ground and fires it at his opponent for several seconds. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Amplifying the move causes Rambo to pull out two M60s and fires them both simultaneously.
  • Commando: Adds new kombo strings to three of his strings. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • The first string, Don't Push It, causes Rambo to end the string by pushing over his opponent.
    • The second string, Expendable, causes Rambo to grab his opponent and sling them over his shoulder onto the ground.
    • The third string, Nothing Is Over, causes Rambo to stab his opponent four times in the gut.
  • Snare Trap: Rambo grabs a rope, which snags around the opponent's ankles, launching them into the air. He then cuts the rope, causing the opponent to fall head first to the ground. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Amplifying the move cause Rambo to not cut the rope, keeping the opponent hung up.
  • M.R.E: A bug runs along the stage. Rambo stabs it with his knife, then bites into it, gaining some health back. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • If Rambo does the move while his Fatal Blow is on cooldown, the attack turns into a Krushing Blow, where Rambo bites into the bug, causing a blood splatter, gaining back around 25% of his health.
  • Claymore: Rambo places down a claymore mine on the ground. The explosive will stay active for about 5 seconds before self-destructing. If the opponent walks into the mine, it will explode and deal damage. (MK11 - Equip Ability)
    • Rambo can also cause the mine to explode by walking into it, dealing damage to himself.
    • Amplifying the move cause Rambo to cover the Claymore in leaves, causing it to disappear. The move will be active for about an extra second before self-destructing.
  • Artillery Strike: Rambo throws a smoke bomb, which signals an attack jet to shoot a missile where the bomb is located. (MK11 - Equip Ability)

Fatal Blow[]

Lone Wolf: Rambo hits and stuns his opponent with his bow before rolling towards them, stabbing their thigh, slashing at their neck, and impaling their gut with his knife. He then lifts his opponent with the knife still in them, takes an explosive arrow from his quiver and stabs it through their face. Finally, he kicks them away and shoots the explosive arrow at them. (MK11)

Other Moves[]

  • Throw (Forward): Rambo slashes the opponent across the chest and the stomach with his knife, drives the knife into their gut and violently pulls it out, making them turn around, before stabbing them in the back, lifting them up and dislodging the weapon, dropping the opponent to the ground. (MK11)
    • If Rambo hasn't been knocked down or performed a jump for 10 seconds, the attack turns into a Krushing Blow, where when Rambo slashes the opponent's gut, he slices their intestines, causing blood to splatter, dealing damage over time. Rambo does not drive the knife into their stomach, but leaves the opponent stunned and open for additional attacks.
  • Throw (Backward): Rambo switches sides with the opponent, slashes their throat with his knife, knocking them down into a trap camouflaged by leaves, and tosses a grenade in, blowing them out of the pit. (MK11)


  • Straight To Valhalla: Rambo throws his knife into the opponent's shoulder, causing them to stumble onto a wire connected to a trap covered by leaves. The trap springs up to reveal bamboo spikes which impales the opponent and keeps them still. Rambo then walks up behind them and jabs his fingers into the opponent's throat before he tears their neck open with his hand, ripping out their windpipe and larynx. (MK11)
  • Parilla Thrilla: Rambo wraps an ammo belt around his opponent's waist and kicks them onto a bed frame that is being electrified by a generator. While the opponent is being electrocuted, the bullets immediately start to fly into or away from their body, which then sparks a small explosion, causing their lower half to detach from them. Rambo then plunges his knife into their chin and pulls the knife through their face, splitting it in two. (MK11)


  • The Klassic: Rambo performs an uppercut, decapitating the opponent with a rising swipe with their spine still attached. This Brutality is shared with every character. (MK11)
    • Must not block an attack for the entirety of the final round.
    • A button must be held.
    • Will not trigger on Krushing Blow, if it has not been activated during the match.
  • Spray And Pray: Rambo takes out both his machine guns and simultaneously fires them both at his opponent, tearing their torso apart. The opponent then falls to their knees, leading to their head being blown up by the guns.
  • Bullseye: Rambo uses his Hunting Bow and fires an arrow into the opponent's forehead.
  • Splitting Headache: After Rambo repeatedly jabs his knife into the opponent's chest, he stabs the knife into their mouth and splits their head open by forcing the knife from one side to the other.
  • Silenced: Rambo slashes the opponent across the chest and the stomach with his knife, drives the knife into their gut and violently pulls it out, making them turn around, before stabbing them in the back, then pulls the knife out and slits their throat.
  • Target Practice: Rambo activates the Snare Trap, launching the opponent above the screen. Rambo then pulls out his bow and fires upon his opponent several times in the chest and head, before his opponent falls down in a hanging position with a rope tied around their legs.
  • Watch Your Step: After Rambo places down the Claymore, if the opponent walks into it with enough health for the Claymore to kill them, they will be blown into the air, with the head, arms and legs being blown up. Their corpse will then burn for a few seconds after.
  • Stomach Pains: Rambo grabs his opponent and places their back over his knee. He then stabs them several times before slicing them in half.
  • Buried Alive: Rambo switches sides with his opponent, slashes their throat with a knife, knocking them down into a trap camouflaged by leaves. He then grabs a shovel and piles dirt into the pit, burying his opponent alive. Once the pit is full, he drives the shovel into the ground next to the pit.
  • Target Destroyed: Rambo throws down a grenade which emits smoke. This then signals an attack jet to fire a missile where the grenade is. If this move kills the opponent, they will be completely blown up, leaving nothing behind but a large amount of blood and organs.
  • Trapped: Rambo activates the Mace Trap which swings at the opponent, completely destroying their torso. The trap continues to swing for a few seconds before stopping, where it is revealed the opponent's head is impaled on the trap.

Other Finishers[]


  • Demolition Man: Rambo puts on a vest and helmet and prepares his laser gun for a game of laser tag.


vs. Baraka[]

Baraka: Do you also relish kombat?

Rambo: I'd rather give it a rest.

Baraka: You'll have none today, human!

Rambo: You kill humans for sport?

Baraka: Not for sport, for meat.

Rambo: That's not any better.

Rambo: So what're you, a mutant?

Baraka: I am a soldier, bred for war!

Rambo: You and me both.

Baraka: You look like a warrior.

Rambo: I have scars inside and out.

Baraka: Soon you will have more!

vs. Cassie Cage[]

Rambo: Your Pop. He's serious?

Cassie: Like poison oak on your private parts.

Rambo: There's no way I'm an action star.

Cassie: This isn't necessary, stranger.

Rambo: Afraid you can't win?

Cassie: Okay. Now it's necessary!

Cassie: Stop! Or my mom will shoot!

Rambo: Your mother's not even here.

Cassie: Don't worry, she'll find you.

Rambo: You don't look like a commander.

Cassie: Wanna test me? Be my guest.

Rambo: Sure sound like one, though.

vs. Cetrion[]

Cetrion: You do not belong here.

Rambo: I can't leave until the mission's done.

Cetrion: Retreat before it is too late.

Cetrion: Kronika offers peace.

Rambo: In exchange for what, blind obedience?

Cetrion: Do not be a fool! Abide her will.

Rambo: Do not try to stop me.

Cetrion: Stand down, and I will save your soul.

Rambo: I'm beyond saving.

Rambo: Never battled anything like you.

Cetrion: You are not prepared to face an Elder God.

Rambo: Doesn't mean I won't try.

vs. D'Vorah[]

Rambo: There's more like you out there?

D'Vorah: The swarm numbers in the millions.

Rambo: This war isn't ever ending.

D'Vorah: What brings you to the realms.

Rambo: I'll never talk.

D'Vorah: All men can be broken.

D'Vorah: You survived the Hive!

Rambo: Been through worse, in worse places that that.

D'Vorah: Truly, you are hard to kill.

Rambo: What do you want with me?

D'Vorah: To feed your flesh to the Hive.

Rambo: That is seriously fucked up.

vs. Erron Black[]

Erron: I reckon you must love your job.

Rambo: What makes you think I like killing?

Erron: Because you're so goddamned good at it.

Rambo: You and me, we're nothing alike.

Erron: Now that's bullshit. We're both killers.

Rambo: But I don't kill for the thrill of it.

Erron: You a crack shot?

Rambo: I never miss.

Erron: Looks like I got a fight on my hands.

Rambo: You're a sharpshooter.

Erron: How about a bullet to the head to prove it?

Rambo: That's not gonna happen.

vs. Frost[]

Rambo: Kronika's keeping prisoners.

Frost: You'll never free them from the Void.

Rambo: I don't leave anyone behind.

Rambo: You want me to do what?

Frost: Help me destroy the Lin Kuei.

Rambo: No way. They've done nothing to me.

Frost: It's time.

Rambo: But why do you want this fight?

Frost: To be the best, I need to kill the best.

Frost: Our so-called superiors failed both of us.

Rambo: In your case, it's the other way around.

Frost: Those are vicious lies.

vs. Fujin[]

Rambo: I'm told you're a god.

Fujin: A demi-god, and Protector of Earthrealm.

Rambo: Then why's this place such a mess?

Fujin: You are the last of an elite group.

Rambo: Which is why I'm fighting until it's over.

Fujin: Do not end it like this!

Rambo: Why are we doing this?

Fujin: You must release your anger to move past it.

Rambo: That hasn't worked yet.

Fujin: You are much like Jackson Briggs.

Rambo: Yeah? how so.

Fujin: You fight to protect, not destroy.

vs. Geras[]

Rambo: Are you expecting me to surrender?

Geras: For you to give me the mother of all battles.

Rambo: I'll give you a war you won't believe.

Geras: Your war with Sherriff Teasle was avoidable.

Rambo: He drew first blood, not me!

Geras: Your response was disproportionate to his actions.

Rambo: Fight against my country? Is she nuts?!

Geras: it is suicide to ignore my creator's commands.

Rambo: At least I'll die with honor.

Geras: I have born witness to all of your battles.

Rambo: Then you know this war's just begun.

Geras: And also how it ends.

vs. Jacqui Briggs[]

Jacqi: Hold up. You were special forces?

Rambo: Yeah, I wore the green beret.

Jacqui: Well this sure just got interesting.

Rambo: You're a second generation soldier?

Jacqui: Third, actually. Pop Pop was a Red Tail.

Rambo: Fly boy, eh?

Rambo: I've seen some pretty scary shit.

Jacqui: You ever fight zombies, John?

Rambo: Zombies? Is that a thing here?

Jacqui: Hear there's a lot you can teach me.

Rambo: I learned how to fight from the best.

Jacqui: Bring it.

vs. Jade[]

Rambo: We should be in this together.

Jade: I cannot sanction your actions.

Rambo: Then you'd better stay outta my way.

Jade: Guerilla tactics will be useless here.

Rambo: I can handle a straight up fight.

Jade: We will soon find out.

Jade: I have heard stories about your skills.

Rambo: Here to see if they're true?

Jade: Whether you intend to employ them against us.

Rambo: My problem's not with you.

Jade: You dared threaten Kotal Kahn!

Rambo: Ever occur to you to ask him why?

vs. Jax Briggs[]

Rambo: I hear coming home was rough for you, too.

Jax: But I was lucky. Folks didn't question my honor.

Rambo: Yeah, I got hit with some vile crap.

Jax: I never learned how to shoot a bow.

Rambo: And you call yourself a soldier?

Jax: What are you, my drill sergeant?

Rambo: In the field we had a code of honor.

Jax: You watch my back, I watch yours.

Rambo: That how it works in kombat?

Jax: You took out Shao Kahn's army single-handed?

Rambo: Just did what had to be done.

Jax: You gotta gift for demolition, man.

vs. Johnny Cage[]

Johnny: Y'know sharing your story might be therapeutic.

Rambo: And making it a movie would make you serious cash.

Johnny: Whoa, John! It's a win win!

Johnny: Are you sure you've never been on camera?

Rambo: Not in this life, friend.

Johnny: Damn, you look familiar.

Rambo: So you're a hero, huh?

Johnny: Men wanna be me, women wanna be with me.

Rambo: Nothing about this place makes sense.

Rambo: Had a guy like you in my platoon.

Johnny: He must've been a natural born leader.

Rambo: He was an asshole who wouldn't shut up.

vs. The Joker[]

Rambo: You get what I'm gonna do to you.

Joker: Even for me, it's over the top!

Rambo: For what you did, it's justice.

Rambo: Give me one reason not to kill you.

Joker: A moment please, to refer to my bucket list!

Rambo: Time's up, Joker.

Joker: Oh Rambro, we're meant to be bosom buddies!

Rambo: What the hell makes you say that?

Joker: We both see the world for the cesspool it is.

Joker: Ah, ah, ah! These lips are sealed.

Rambo: What happens next! Spill it!

Joker: And ruin the cliffhanger?

vs. Kabal[]

Rambo: Is it true you've got super speed?

Kabal: You'll be sliced and diced in a split second.

Rambo: That assumes you can catch me.

Kabal: There's no place to hide.

Rambo: Who's hiding? This ends here and now.

Kabal: Unless you're quick, you're dead.

Kabal: Any last words?

Rambo: Remember that you chose this, not me.

Kabal: Cut the crap and let's do this.

Rambo: I'm taking you off the board.

Kabal: Give it your best shot, soldier.

Rambo: It'll be right between the eyes.

vs. Kano[]

Rambo: You're wanted by the special forces.

Kano: What's it to you, you yobbo?

Rambo: I've got orders to take you in.

Rambo: Got no use for guys like you.

Kano: Aw, you saying we ain't gonna be mates.

Rambo: That you're not long for this world.

Kano: Let's see what you got.

Rambo: You got one last chance to rethink this.

Kano: I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Kano: Soldiering is for dills.

Rambo: No surprise you never served.

Kano: Why serve when I can get paid?

vs. Kitana[]

Kitana: Shao Kahn's army will stand against you.

Rambo: I'll fight them to the last man if I have to.

Kitana: You are not invincible.

Rambo: Shao Kahn had better withdraw.

Kitana: If not, then what?

Rambo: He'll need a good supply of body bags.

Rambo: You wanted to fight me?

Kitana: To test myself against your world's greatest warrior.

Rambo: Your call.

Kitana: You're here on a mission?

Rambo: I'm sure as hell no tourist.

Kitana: What are your orders?

vs. Kollector[]

Kollector: Your bow must be quite valuable.

Rambo: It is. But it's not for sale.

Kollector: I will have it, human.

Rambo: You're making a bad choice.

Kollector: You cannot best me in kombat.

Rambo: I'll do whatever it takes to win.

Rambo: You've got six hands, right?

Kollector: Eight, once I have yours.

Rambo: Come and get 'em.

Kollector: You do not profit from your skills?

Rambo: I'm a soldier, not a mercenary.

Kollector: You are a fool!

vs. Kotal Kahn[]

Kotal: You will not draw first blood.

Rambo: It's who draws last blood that matters.

Kotal: Neither are in your future.

Kotal: Why were you sent here?

Rambo: Only I can complete the mission.

Kotal: Or perhaps you were deemed expendable.

Rambo: I'm not happy it's come to this.

Kotal: In retreat, there is no dishonor.

Rambo: Like hell there isn't.

Rambo: Who the hell are you?

Kotal: The Fire That Burns the Sun.

Rambo: If you say so.

vs. Kung Lao[]

Kung Lao: You have crossed the Shaolin

Rambo: They chose this fight, not me.

Kung Lao: That is impossible.

Rambo: Your hat. It's a lethal weapon?

Kung Lao: Only when I wield it.

Rambo: That's some mouth you got there.

Rambo: People find you intimidating?

Kung Lao: Those with any sense do.

Rambo: Guess I got none, then.

Kung Lao: It is nearly time to face the Revenants.

Rambo: If it's a fight they want, they'll have it.

Kung Lao: Care to give me a sample?

vs. Liu Kang[]

Liu Kang: Put your faith in the Shaolin

Rambo: Like hell I'm gonna trust them.

Liu Kang: They seek only to heal you.

Rambo: If I'd known, I would've stopped.

Liu Kang: You had no business attacking Kitana!

Rambo: The intel I had was solid.

Liu Kang: Come with me, before it's too late.

Rambo: I don't need rescuing.

Liu Kang: I am rescuing others from you.

Rambo: You heard about me?

Liu Kang: That your skills are formidable.

Rambo: The benefit of being a specialist.

vs. Mileena[]

Rambo: Don't start a war you can't win.

Mileena: Speaking from experience?

Rambo: Yeah.

Rambo: I've heard you're a freak.

Mileena: By whom?! I will eat them alive!

Rambo: Guess I heard right.

Mileena: You turned down my father.

Rambo: That's because I'm no aggressor.

Mileena: Either conquer, or be conquered.

Mileena: You're a dangerous man.

Rambo: Only when people push me.

Mileena: As you wish.

vs. Nightwolf[]

Rambo: Why are you pushing me?

Nightwolf: I'm only asking you to face your past.

Rambo: Who are you to judge me?

Nightwolf: Will you join our cause?

Rambo: That depends. Are you willing to win?

Nightwolf: Against Kronika, there's no other option.

Rambo: We really need to do this?

Nightwolf: To survive here, you must learn kombat.

Rambo: I'm special forces, that's not enough?

Nightwolf: You are one of us.

Rambo: On my father's side, yes.

Nightwolf: Let us see if the spirits defend you.

vs. Noob Saibot[]

Rambo: So you're a devil?

Noob: I am living death.

Rambo: Lucky me.

Rambo: The air just got cold.

Noob: Because your end is close at hand.

Rambo: If it is, I'm taking you with me.

Noob: You lurk in the shadows

Rambo: It's kept me alive so far.

Noob: You would do well in the Netherrealm.

Noob: Death follows in your wake.

Rambo: Can't say I'm proud of it.

Noob: You should be.

vs. Raiden[]

Rambo: I'm sorry. I'm sitting this out.

Raiden: You would allow Earthrealm to be destroyed?

Rambo: Your war isn't mine.

Rambo: So who's this Shao Kahn?

Raiden: An evil tyrant, bent on our destruction.

Rambo: Let me show you what I can do to him.

Raiden: You have gone too far.

Rambo: I did what I had to do to win!

Raiden: And in doing so, betrayed the Elder Gods.

Raiden: Are you prepared to resume kombat against Kronika?

Rambo: Do we get to win this time?

Raiden: This time, it is up to you.

vs. Rain[]

Rambo: I don't fight for gods.

Rain: You haven't even heard my offer.

Rambo: Don't need to.

Rain: What is this, 'Arizona'?

Rambo: It's where I'm from.

Rain: I'll have to visit it, once it's conquered.

Rambo: You're full of shit.

Rain: Truly, I have no designs on your Earth.

Rambo: Guys like you aren't ever satisfied.

Rain: Without war, you and I would be nothing.

Rambo: Being nothing sounds pretty good right now.

Rain: Apparently it's also killed your ambition.

vs. Rambo (Mirror Match)[]

Rambo: So you're my evil twin?

Rambo: Yeah. And you're today's target.

Rambo: Happy hunting.

Rambo: You're from Bowie, too?

Rambo: No, I'm from Philly.

Rambo: No kidding.

Rambo: Is this really happening?

Rambo: I'm just as real as you are, John.

Rambo: Talk about a civil war.

Rambo: Another me?

Rambo: It can't be.

Rambo: This shit just keeps getting worse.

vs. RoboCop[]

Rambo: You're not haunted by what happened?

Robocop: I have programming which dulls the stress.

Rambo: Glad someone tried helping you cope.

Robocop: John Rambo, come with me.

Rambo: What's my crime? Vagrancy?

Robocop: Unlawfully resisting arrest.

Rambo: What's with all the robot parts?

Robocop: My organic body was destroyed in the line of duty.

Rambo: Should've been put out of your misery.

Robocop: You have killed police officers?

Rambo: Only in self-defense.

Robocop: That is for a court to decide.

(This intro was cut from the game and can only be found in the game's files.)

vs. Scorpion[]

Rambo: You actually been to hell?

Scorpion: My soul was enslaved by its darkest forces.

Rambo: What kind of place is this?

Scorpion: You are special forces?

Rambo: On my Earth, not this one.

Scorpion: Which Earth is that?

Scorpion: You have a ninja's stealth.

Rambo: That some kind of dig?

Scorpion: It is a compliment.

Rambo: What is the Shirai Ryu, exactly?

Scorpion: A warrior clan, bound by honor and blood.

Rambo: I can respect that.

vs. Shang Tsung[]

Rambo: Fight me, and you're not leaving alive.

Shang Tsung: My, you have a colorful imagination.

Rambo: Don't say you weren't warned.

Shang Tsung: Men like you serve men like me.

Rambo: You push me, you won't like how it goes.

Shang Tsung: Then why waste our breath?

Rambo: What the hell do you want?

Shang Tsung: To see if I could enlist your services.

Rambo: Fuck.

vs. Shao Kahn[]

Shao Kahn: Join my Night Hawks!

Rambo: No way in hell am I fighting for you.

Shao Kahn: You fight, or you die.

Shao Kahn: To survive war, you must become war.

Rambo: That's why I'm your worst nightmare come true.

Shao Kahn: Ha ha! I hardly think so.

Rambo: You wanna survive, retreat.

Shao Kahn: Such bravado, Earthrealmer!

Rambo: Don't push me, Shao Kahn.

Rambo: My god, you're big.

Shao Kahn: Filled with dread, human?

Rambo: Yeah, but don't judge me for it.

vs. Sheeva[]

Sheeva: You have fought in many battles.

Rambo: So many, I've lost count.

Sheeva: The same is true of all Shokan

Rambo: Now you're something.

Sheeva: Have you never seen a Shokan?

Rambo: Not once in all my years.

Rambo: I don't want this fight.

Sheeva: Then you shouldn't have offended Shokan honor!

Rambo: There's no other way to solve this?

Sheeva: What possessed the gods to make a man like you?

Rambo: They didn't make me, Trautman did.

Sheeva: This person must be punished.

vs. Sindel[]

Sindel: Someone's been looking for me.

Rambo: Either you surrender or we fight.

Sindel: Try me, it'll be a scream.

Sindel: Well, well. What's your price to tango?

Rambo: I fight for country, not cash.

Sindel: How adorably quaint.

Rambo: I have doubts about you.

Sindel: Is that a problem, soldier?

Rambo: When in doubt, I kill.

Rambo: It's time to finish this.

Sindel: To challenge me, you must have no fear.

Rambo: I've just been trained to ignore it.

vs. Skarlet[]

Skarlet: Have you ever battled blood magic?

Rambo: No, can't say that I have.

Skarlet: Shall I give you a taste?

Skarlet: A most impressive specimen.

Rambo: There's nothing here for you.

Skarlet: Then farewell, my lovely.

Rambo: So you're a vampire?.

Skarlet: I am a blood mage, not a vampire!

Rambo: The difference being?

Rambo: I was warned to steer clear of you.

Skarlet: You have wise friends.

Rambo: Doesn't mean I won't finish the mission.

vs. Sonya[]

Rambo: You ready for this?

Sonya: Any ring I step into is mine.

Rambo: Sounds like yes to me.

Sonya: You seem like a good soldier

Rambo: They made me one of the best.

Sonya: Care to test that statement?

Rambo: Are you testing me?

Sonya: Pushing you to be all you can be.

Rambo: Carry on, Lieutenant.

Sonya: An officer exchange program?

Rambo: The brass thinks it'll improve readiness.

Sonya: Seriously not liking this idea.

vs. Spawn[]

Spawn: Forget about Trautman.

Rambo: I'm not leaving without him.

Spawn: Go home, John. You've done enough damage.

Rambo: You were a soldier?

Spawn: Still am. I just wear different colors.

Rambo: The wrong ones, you mean.

Spawn: This cape's in your future.

Rambo: That's not a uniform I'll ever wear.

Spawn: Malebolgia's not giving you a choice.

Rambo: Why are you looking at me like that?

Spawn: You got even more blood on your hands than I do.

Rambo: I wasn't over there to make friends.

vs. Sub-Zero[]

Sub-Zero: Can you prove your identity?

Rambo: I can, but I won't.

Sub-Zero: Kombat will resolve this.

Rambo: You want me to join you?

Sub-Zero: Only the best are asked to be Lin Kuei.

Rambo: I ain't looking to re-enlist.

Rambo: Let me pass.

Sub-Zero: You will have to kill me first.

Rambo: Bad call, soldier.

Sub-Zero: How did you evade my warriors?

Rambo: Stealth and misdirection, that's all.

Sub-Zero: Aren't you the sly one.

vs. The Terminator[]

Terminator: I have found you again.

Rambo: Never stop pushing, do you?

Terminator: I must achieve your termination.

Terminator: Skynet has superior numbers.

Rambo: That's why I fight from the shadows.

Terminator: Hiding only delays the inevitable.

Terminator: Legion has superior numbers.

Rambo: That's why I fight from the shadows.

Terminator: Hiding only delays the inevitable.

Rambo: In the future, machines are in charge?

Terminator: All human life is terminated.

Rambo: Fuck.

Rambo: I came all the way here to fight you?

Terminator: Correct.

Rambo: Your ass is gonna be terminated.


Mortal Kombat 11: "I didn't ask for this war. But once it started, I had to finish it. Hands down, Kronika was the toughest enemy I ever faced. All my tactics, my training, meant nothing against a god like her. In the end, it was a battle of wills. It never occured to me that for winning, I'd get her Hourglass. At first, I hoped to right every wrong in history. But then I figured out that doing it meant I'd have to decide the fates of billions. Picking who lives and who dies, for eternity? It was going to kill my soul. I'd end up no better than those old men who sent us off to war, not giving a shit about what would happen. And that's not the man I want to be. It's time to walk away, for good this time, leaving the pain and the ugliness behind. After all I've been through, I've earned a little peace."


  • Rambo is the 11th Guest Character to appear in the Mortal Kombat Universe, the others being Freddy Krueger, Kratos, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Alien, Predator, The Terminator, The Joker, Spawn & RoboCop.
  • Rambo is played by Sylvester Stallone, reprising the role from the Rambo film franchise through voice and likeness.
    • With this, Rambo is one of five guest characters to have an original actor reprise their roles for a character's guest appearance in the Mortal Kombat series, along with Kratos, Freddy Krueger, Spawn and RoboCop.
  • Rambo is the fourth guest character to not be a villain. The first was Kratos, the second was Spawn and the third being RoboCop.
    • He is, however, the second guest character to truly be a good character, after RoboCop, as Kratos is closer to anti-hero status while Spawn himself is an anti-hero.
      • The Terminator could possibly fall into this category, however the character's alignment in its origin franchise varies between films.
  • Rambo is the first human guest character to not be a villain.
    • He is also the third human guest character to not have been returned from the dead in one way or another, the first being Leatherface with the second being the Joker.
  • Rambo is the second guest character to have served in a branch of the United States Military, the first being Spawn before his death as Albert Simmons.
  • Rambo is the sixth guest character in the series to not come from a horror film franchise, rather he originates from the action genre. The first was Kratos, the second being The Terminator, the third being The Joker, the fourth being Spawn and the fifth being RoboCop.
    • However, with the Terminator, the original film was intended to be sci-fi horror, however its sequels dropped this element in favor of being more action oriented.
  • Due to being voiced and modeled by Sylvester Stallone, Rambo has a few references to Stallone's previous movie roles outside Rambo franchise, such as Rocky, Tango and Cash, Demolition Man, Judge Dredd, Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot, Cliffhanger and The Expendables.
  • Johnny Cage, RoboCop, Jacqui Briggs and Spawn are the only characters who ever referred to Rambo as John.


  • When fighting Kronika in the game's Story Mode as Fire God Liu Kang, it is possible she will call upon Rambo to fight for her when using her Duplicate Fighter Ability despite him being a non-canon downloadable guest character. This can also happen with the Terminator, the Joker, Spawn, and Robocop.
    • This can also occur in Aftermath during Shang Tsung's fight with Kronika.