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John Rambo's boat in Rambo.

John Rambo's boat
is a longboat that is used by John Rambo to fish or taxi people down the Salween River. Rambo also uses it to transport the snakes he caught back to the snake farm where he works.

Rambo IVEdit

Rambo is first seen on the boat at the very beginning of the film, standing on the edge, using his longbow to fish. He retrieves the fish and heads downriver where he catches snakes. Along the way back to the snake farm, he is seen throwing some fish he caught to some Buddhist monks, likely from the same monastery he worked at in Rambo III. Rambo docks the boat and heads back to the snake farm, where Michael Burnett propositions him on taking some Christian missionaries into Burma. Rambo refuses and  promptly leaves to go work on forging a new boat propellor for his boat. Sarah Miller arrives and persuades him to take them downriver. Sarah's kind words cause Rambo to do so for no charge. On the way into Burma, Rambo spots a Burmese river pirate hut and tells everyone to be quiet. However, they are spotted by some Burmese river pirates, who dock on their boat. The leader of the pirates calls it a "shit boat" and he demands Sarah in exchange for passage. Rambo attempts to negotiate and when they refuse, shoots them all to death with his Colt .45 G.I. Rambo then finishes the journey, to the chargin of Michael, who tells Rambo he will report him for the murders he commited. Rambo later douses the
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John Rambo fishing on his boat.

river pirate's boat in boat fuel and lights it on fire on the way back. A couple weeks later, Rambo agrees to take the mercenaries downriver and docks the boat where he let off the missionaries. When Lewis objects to Rambo's coming along, Rambo seemingly agrees to stay by the boat, although he quickly disobeys this order. The boat isn't seen until the very end of the film, when it is completely destroyed by a hail of machine gun fire from a Tatmadaw Army boat. The boat's destruction is presumably what finally drove Rambo to leave Thailand, as he now had no way to continue his business.

Appeared inEdit

  • Rambo IV
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