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Full Name
Unnamed father (deceased)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Unnamed brother (deceased)
Help John Rambo to save Colonel Trautman.
Portrayed by
Doudi Shoua
"I want to fight!"

Hamid was an orphan Mujahideen fighter that grew to look up to John Rambo and he became his friend and father figure. He helped in the rescue operation of Colonel Sam Trautman.

He is portrayed by Doudi Shoua.

Rambo III[]

At the Mujhadeen camp in Khost, Afghanistan, Mousa explains that Hamid's parents were killed by Soviets and his brother died while in captivity at the Soviet camp where Trautman was being held.  Because of this, Hamid quickly learned to fend for himself. Although he is just a child, Hamid is determined to fight the Soviets, and can fire weapons with ease. Hamid is interested in Rambo because he does not see many Americans and begins asking him for various things like his knife and Co Bao's Buddha amulet. He grows to respect Rambo because of his heroic past. Hamid begins to tag along with Rambo and begins asking loads of questions. Hamid grows to admire Rambo and volunteers to assist him in the escape attempt of the Soviet prison camp. He is too eager to help, however, and sneaks in against Rambo's wishes. Hamid is later shot in the leg and Rambo rescues him, later taking him to safety while he stays behind to rescue Trautman. Because of his courageous actions, Rambo lets Hamid keep Co Bao's Buddha necklace for good luck. Although Hamid asks Rambo to stay and help them fight, Rambo declines because he needs to be at peace with himself.


Hamid inspecting and asking for Co Bao's jade Buddha