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Gizelle was a minor character in Rambo: Last Blood. She was portrayed by Fenessa Pineda.

She once worked and lived on the Rambo Ranch. She was one of Gabriela's friend, but got into bad ways and she got dismissed by Maria Beltran. Than she moved to Mexico.

Few years later Gabrielle contacted her to find her father in Mexico. Later she called Gabriela, that she has located her father in Mexico. Rambo explained to her that she may not be satisfied with the answers to her questions and implores her to stay until she has thought the matter over further. Rambo also reminded her of how cruel he was to her and her mother, and that he cannot be a changed man. However, Gabriela was too emotional about the situation and secretly leaves to Mexico. She met with Gizelle and went to talk with her father. After the meeting with her father Gabriela was a wreck because of this and attempted to go home, but Gizelle told her to stay and go to a night club so she can calm down before going home the next morning. While at the club, Gabriela met El Flaco, who drugged and abducted her for use as a sex slave. Rambo quickly learns of Gabriela's disappearance and travels south to find her. He found Gizelle, who he sees wearing Gabriela's prized gold bracelet that once belonged to her mother. Rambo realized that she sold Gabriela out to the trafficking gang for money and she was able to told Rambo who she tipped off. Then he threatened Gizelle if she didn't show the man who kidnapped Gabrielle he will kill her. Then Gizelle showed the club and El Flaco too. Then Rambo let her go.

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