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Gabriela Beltran


Full Name
Gabriela Beltran
Appeared in
Find out why her biological father left her
Her Father
Known relatives
John Rambo (adoptive uncle)
Maria Beltran (grandmother)
Manuel (father)
Unnamed mother (mother, deceased)
Cause of Death
Drug overdose, caused by Victor Martinez
Portrayed by
Yvette Monreal

Gabriela Beltran is the adopted niece of John Rambo of the 2019 movie Rambo: Last Blood. She was portraid by Yvette Monreal.


She lives in Bowie, Arizona with her adoptive uncle Rambo and her grandmother Maria Beltran. She always wishes to see her long gone father in Mexico and get answers to why her father would leave her and her mother.

She got a phone call by one of her mexican friend Gizelle, who found her father. Gabriela asks John and her grandmother for their blessings but to her dismay, they both warned her not to go and that her father was not a good man. However, Gabriela was too emotional about the situation and secretly leaves to Mexico. She met with Gizelle and went to talk with her father. After the meeting with her father Gabriela was a wreck because of this and attempted to go home, but Gizelle told her to stay and go to a night club so she can calm down before going home the next morning. While at the club, Gabriela met El Flaco, who drugged and abducted her for use as a sex slave. He sold her to the Martinez Cartel.

When Rambo realized that Gabriela disappeared he want to Mexico. First he met with her father, then arrived to Gabriela's friend and asked her where she was, her friend said she did not know, only for John to recognize the bracelet on her wrist. He grabs her hand and threatens her to show the man Gabriela was with last time, him and Gabriela's friend arrived to the club and she showed John where El Flaco was. He tells her to leave, and proceeds to wait until the man left the club.

As both the man and John left the club, John grabs the man and tortures him, as well as asked where Gabriela was, the man then told him the location where she might be, and both went off to find Gabriela. John then arrived to the location and asked the man if he is sure, the man told him he was sure, then John knocked the man out, where he possibly dies offscreen due to critical injuries, and left the car to search for Gabriela. However he was actually being stalked by a group of thugs and continues to walk away from them.

They take his driver's license, revealing the ranch's location, and a photo of Gabriela, who they recognize. The gang's leader, Hugo Martinez, tells Rambo that he will let him live, but Gabriela will be severely punished for his actions. Hugo claims that he will make an example of her, by getting her addicted to heroin until she dies. The gang's second-in-command and Hugo's brother, Victor Martinez, then marks him by cutting his calling card into Rambo's cheek, claiming that he will do the same to Gabriela. The gang leaves and Rambo is taken to safety by the woman who had followed him, a journalist named Carmen Delgado, who has been investigating the human traffickers since her sister was abducted and killed by them. She takes Rambo to her home and helps him recuperate from his injuries. Some time later, Rambo is well enough to go back for a second rescue mission. He raids one of the brothels, killing several men in the process, and finally succeeds in rescuing Gabriela. However, as a result of an earlier drug overdose, she dies returning home. Rambo subsequently buries her near their house and mourns her demise. In grief, Maria leaves the farm, claiming that there is nothing left for her there anymore. Rambo echoes the sentiment, claiming that he will likely drift from place to place again, like he "always did".

After Maria leaves, Rambo destroyes the Cartel and cuts out Hugo's heart with the knife he had made for Gabriela, avenging her death.




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