En-Joo (Tim Kang) in Rambo.

"Hey. Knock that shit off."
―En-Joo telling Reese to stop singing.

En-Joo was a Korean-American mercenary and former Navy SEAL hired by Reverand Arthur Marsh to retrieve Sarah Miller and the other Christian missionaries from the Tatmadaw Army.

Rambo IVEdit

008RMB Tim Kang 008

En-Joo (Tim Kang) firing an AKM assault rifle in Rambo.

En-Joo is first seen riding on John Rambo's boat with the other mercenaries. He was depicted as the most personable mercenary besides Schoolboy, often telling jokes and sharing his knowledge about the Burmese Army. En-Joo was seen smoking a cigarette as the group ventured into the ransacked and empty village, expressing great doubt that anybody in the group of Christian missionaries was still alive.

However, he did agree with Schoolboy that they should look for them anyway. En-Joo's original weapon of choice was a SIG SG 551 rifle. He participates in the final gunfight and his heroics save many lives, but he is tragically killed after Lewis shoots a Tatmadaw soldier just after throwing a fragmentation hand grenade, which lands in front of En-Joo and detonates, killing him instantly.


  • Sylvester Stallone mentioned in the audio commentary for Rambo that he hated having to kill off En-Joo, because he was a great character.