El Flaco

El Flako

Full Name
El Flaco
Human Trafficker
Appeared in
Martinez Cartel
Unknown, heavily injured by John Rambo
Portrayed by

El Flaco was a minor character in Rambo: Last Blood. He was portrayed by Pascacio López.

He was a human trafficker of the Martinez Cartel who always looking for young girls in Club el Paisa. After the meeting with his father Gabrielle was a wreck because of this and attempted to go home, but her friend, Gizelle, told her to stay and go to a night club so she can calm down before going home the next morning. While at the club, Gabrielle met El Flaco, who drugged and abducted by for use as a sex slave. Rambo quickly learns of Gabrielle's disappearance and travels south to find her. He found Gizelle, who he sees wearing Gabrielle's prized gold bracelet that once belonged to her mother. Rambo realized that she sold Gabrielle out to the trafficking gang for money and she was able to told Rambo who she tipped off. At the club, Rambo found El Flaco, the man who drugged Gabrielle. Than attacked him in his car. He inserted his knife to Flaco's limb and broke out his collarbone until he revealed Gabrielle's location. When they dorve to the location, Rambo hit him unconscious and left him in his car. It is unkown that he survived or died in the heavily injuries.

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