"First snake that you see, they are Siamese cobra. He is not king cobra and not spitting cobra. ...still have fang and still have poison. He is small, dangerous... Number one. King cobra number two. And now spitting cobra. He can spit poison to your eye. One color. He is very, very dangerous. Number one in Thailand."
―The snake farm deejay remarking on the Cobras in Rambo IV.

John Rambo with a Siamese Cobra.

The Cobra
is a venomous species of snake that was featured prominently in Rambo IV.

The King Cobra is the second most venomous snake in the world, second only to the African Black Mamba, which has enough venom in one bite to kill 188 people.

Rambo IVEdit

At the snake farm John Rambo is employed at, he is seen feeding cobras. Cobras are also seen trying to attack the snake fighter, bearing their hoods and snapping and lunging at him. According to the deejay, the Siamese Cobra is supposedly "number one" in Thailand, apparently meaning that the cobra is the most common snake in the country. Rambo can be seen taking care of the cobras by feeding them mice and pouring more water for them. Rambo also has an argument with his supervisor, who chastises Rambo for getting too many cobras. He tells Rambo to get another python for him, but Rambo tells him to "fuck off" and walks away. The cobra was so prominent in the film, possibly symbolism for the dangers that await in Burma, that a cobra lunging at the audience was used in the trailer as a last jump.

Types SeenEdit

  • Siamese Cobra
  • King Cobra
  • Spitting Cobra