Carmen Delgado


Full Name
Carmen Delgado
Appeared in
Independent Reporter
Aid John Rambo and avenge her younger sister's death
Her younger sister
Known relatives
Unnamed younger sister (deceased)
Portrayed by

Carmen Delgado is an independent reporter assigned to cover the Mexican drug trade. She has been investigating the human traffickers since her sister was abducted and killed by them. She becomes involved with John Rambo after his "niece" is kidnapped by the Martinez Cartel.

Rambo: Last Blood[edit | edit source]

After Gabrielle missed, Rambo go to Mexico to find her. Later it revealed that one of Gabrielle's girlfriend Gizelle sold her to a human trafficker, named El Flaco. She is present in the Club el Paisa when Rambo found El Flaco and torture him to show the way where is Gabrielle. She followed Rambo and after the cartel hit and left him unconscious she took Rambo to her home and helped him recuperate from his injuries. Four days later Rambo woke up and went to rescue Gabrielle, but she died a few hours later.

After Gabrielle's death Rambo prepared to destroy the gang. He returned to Mexico and asked Carmen to help him locate the gang members. She was reluctant to help Rambo with this, claiming that it will not solve anything. However, after Rambo appealed to her personal grief, she ultimately agreed and gave him the address of Victor's personal residence.

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