Captain Vinh


Full Name
Appeared in
Commander of Vietnamese prison camp.
Cooperate with Soviet Army, kill John Rambo.
Capture of American troops, torture prisoners of war.
Hair Color
North Vietnamese
Cause of Death
Burned alive
Portrayed by
William Ghent

This character is not to be confused with a similarly named character, Captain Kinh.

"You see? Not a demon. A man. Now, we find where he's crawled to die. "
―Captain Vinh on the wounded Rambo.

Captain Vinh was a short, well-fed North Vietnamese commander who commanded the prison camp Lieutenant Tay was in worked at.

He was portrayed by William Ghent.

Rambo: First Blood Part IIEdit

Captain Vinh was introduced when Lt. Col. Podovsky arrived at the POW camp, when Podovsky thanked him and asked him to leave one guard. Vinh saluted and left. After Rambo went on a revenge rampage when Co Bao was killed, he murdered Tay with one of his explosive arrows and proceeded to head to a nearby village where he doused a dry wheat field in gasoline. Vinh then made it his priority to go after a furious Rambo after he took out an entire band of Spetsnaz commandos, trailing him to the nearby village. Rambo then killed a chicken and spread its blood around the field to confuse the soldiers and trick them into going deeper into the field, as they thought he was wounded and hiding in the field. Rambo's feint worked, however, and by the time Vinh discovered the dead hen, it was too late. Rambo had already dropped a match from the survival kit of his combat knife into the long grass, causing the entire dry field to rapidly combust. Vinh saw the flames and attempted to evacuate his men from the field but they had ventured too deep into the crop and got lost. With no way out, all of Vinh's men and himself wound up painfully burning to death before they could escape the flames.


Captain Vinh (left) in Rambo: First Blood Part II.

Appeared InEdit

  • Rambo: First Blood Part II
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