Captain Kinh


Full Name
Trong Kinh
Appeared in
Vietnamese soldier, pirate.
Sell John Rambo and Co Bao to NVA.
Hair Color
Black tourning grey
Cause of Death
Shot by John Rambo with a Remington 870
Portrayed by
Dana Lee

This character is not to be confused with a similarly named character, Captain Vinh.

"You help this -- American pig! "
―Captain Kinh to John Rambo.

Captain Trong Kinh was a Vietnamese soldier that used a band of river pirates to taxi people down the Salween river. Kinh helped Co and Rambo, for a price, but later sold them out to the North Vietnamese Army People's Navy.

Rambo: First Blood Part IIEdit

Co Bao is seen paying Kinh to transport them down the river. When Rambo remarks that they are pirates, Co says that the pirates are the most reliable means of transport. Rambo didn't trust Kinh from the start. Kinh seemed friendly at first, allowing financial negotiations, offering Co a drink and showing Rambo where an RPG-7 was located on the boat. However, he soon proved to be a traitor. Kinh sold them out to the NVA, and the pirates point guns at them to make sure they don't go anywhere. Rambo is able to tolerate being struck by Kinh and after he calls Co a 'whore' in Vietnamese, but when he sees him slap Co, he loses it. Rambo stabs one of the pirates and uses him as a human shield when Kinh attempts to shoot him with his Yugoslavian Zastava M57. Rambo then uses the pirate's Remington 870 pump-action shotgun with a folding stock to kill the pirates with some help from Co, including Captain Kinh, who panicked and was going to flee. Kinh sold out Rambo and paid with his life.

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