"It bring me good luck. What bring you good luck?"
―Co to John Rambo.

Co wearing the jade Buddha amulet.

The Buddha Amulet
was a good luck charm worn by Co Bao.


The Buddha Amulet was a pendant made out of a small hunk of apple green jadeite, a hard green gem. The amulet was carved into the likeness of Buddha and later was put onto a necklace.



Rambo with Co's necklace in Rambo III.

"Can I have it? I need luck."
―Hamid on the necklace.

The necklace first appeared in Rambo: First Blood Part II, worn by Co Bao for most of the film for good luck. After Co's death, Rambo took it and wore it for over four years. Four years later, Rambo was still wearing the necklace to remember Co, and at the end of the film he decided to move on with his life and stop killing, giving the pendant to a young Mujhaideen fighter as a symbol of this.

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