The M2HB is an American heavy machine gun fitted for the .50 BMG cartridge.

Rambo IIIEdit


Rambo fires the mocked-up M2HB.

During the final battle, Rambo spots a mocked-up M2HB on a light blue pickup truck and uses it to shoot some Soviets. The gun has a barrel shroud to distract viewers from the fact that it is an American gun supposedly in the Soviet army. However, a side shot reveals that the gun is actually an M2HB.

Rambo IVEdit

500px-Rambo Browning50 02A

The M2HB on the pirate's boat in Rambo.

While Rambo takes the missionaries down the Salween river on his boat, he is approached by a band of River pirates on a Tatmadaw boat, with an M2HB mounted on the deck, being manned by one of the pirates. The pirates attempt to get Sarah Miller in exchange for passage, and when all attempts at negotiation fail, Rambo pulls a hidden Colt M1911A1 and kills all of the pirates, with the M2HB gunner second. Rambo later spots the Tatmadaw coming downriver and douses the boat on gasoline and burns it down so the Tatmadaw don't know what he has done. Rambo espescially douses the M2HB, so it could be destroyed quickly in the fires. The ammunition belt on the M2HB explodes almost immediately, causing a good part of the boat to go down with it.


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