Rambo escapes with the POWs in the mocked-up "Soviet" Huey.

The Bell UH-1N "Huey"
is a type of military helicopter that was an important part of Rambo: First Blood Part II.


The Huey was the most common utility helicopter used in Vietnam. The Huey could reach speeds of 150 miles per hour so it was perfect for evacuating soldiers. Also the Huey was able to fly low and make quick maneuvers, so it was good for flying in and out of combat. The special dual turbine engines were also built to function well in humid or cold climates, so they flew without problems in the hot, wet Vietnamese jungles. Over 10,000 Huey helicopters were used in Vietnam but hundreds were destroyed. 

Rambo: First Blood Part IIEdit

The Huey was the most commonly seen helicopter in the film, used on two occasions. It was seen first as the U.S. Military extraction helicopter, flown by Ericson, Lifer and Colonel Sam Trautman to pick up Rambo and Banks from the extraction point in the Vietnamese jungles. It was also seen as the Soviet Russian transport helicopter, odd as the Huey was never in the Soviet Russian military. As both are not official U.S. Military, they are not designated UH-1 twin choppers. It was also used in returning to U.S. base after rescuing the POWs and it was destroyed after Rambo confronts Murdock demanding to find the remaining POWs.