Balford was one of Art Galt's deputies working for the Hope, Washington police department.

He was played by Michael Talbott.

First BloodEdit

Balford was hit by Rambo on the way out of the police station. He later came along for the forest ambush, where a few of the deputies tried to find John Rambo after he escaped from police custody. When Rambo tries to surrender by having his hands up, Balford fires at Rambo, injuring him. Balford later spotted Rambo in the woods and went to shoot him again, but Rambo ducked out of the way and the bullet inadvertently hit Ward in the shoulder, further maiming him.

Balford is incapacitated by the Punji sticks.

Balford chased after Rambo but wound up stepping right into one of his traps. A whole strip of wood spikes swung out in front of him and punctured his upper thighs, painfully impaling through both of his legs. Balford was the third deputy to be dispatched by Rambo during the scene.

His fate is unknown.