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The Amazon Jungle Survival Knife.

The Amazon Jungle Survival Knife
is a copy of the Rambo: First Blood Part II knife, incorporating the green chorded handle from First Blood.


The knife is sold on for around fifteen dollars, far cheaper than the official film replicas, which usually cost closer to a hundred dollars. The knife is the same basic makeup of the Rambo II knife, a sawback bowie knife with a hollow, watertight handle for storing an included survival kit. The blade itself is stainless steel and even looks quite similar to the movie knife, although there isn't as much paint in the middle outline. It features a drilled guard for strapping and spear applications (although there aren't screwdriver heads on the ends like in the movie), completed with a corded handle for grip. The survival kit includes matches, a fishing line, a hook lure, needles and thread, a safety pin and striking paper. The end of the knife's handle also features a compass that is on the outside of the pommel, not the inside, like in the film. It measures 13 inches overall and includes a real leather sheath that can be attached onto a belt.

The knife is popular with younger fans of the Rambo films, as they can have access to what looks just like a Rambo knife without having to pay high prices for the official replicas. The knife is very popular with fans of the series today. 

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