An original AKS-47 from the late 1950s with stock folded.

The AKS-47
is an early underfolder Kalashiknov assault rifle seen briefly in use by some of the Soviet soldiers in Rambo III. It is essentially just an older milled receiver AK-47 rifle with an underfolding metal stock.

Since the sequence they appear in was filmed in Israel, one can assume these are authentic Russian weapons.


The AK-47 had two variants: The fixed wooden stock machined receiver AK-47 and the AKS, which is an AK-47 with a folding metal stock. Featured a downward-folding metal stock similar to that of the German MP40, for use in the restricted space in the BMP infantry combat vehicle, as well as by paratroops. There weren't very many AKSs made, although they were issued to Parachutist and armor troops in the Red army. 

Soviet ak47s

Soviets armed with AKS-47s in Rambo III.

Although the AKS and AK-47 appear to be different guns, aside from the stocks and a lack of tool kit with the AKS, the two are virtually identical guns. The early AKS models had no bayonets, but the version with the fixed wooden stock later mounted a detachable knife bayonet.

The AK-47 would later give way to the updated, lighter AKM (utilizing a stamped receiver), which coincidentally would have its own variant with a folding stock, inspired from the AKS-47.

Appeared InEdit

  • Rambo III