Two 12.7×108mm cartridges against a human hand.

12.7×108mm is a Soviet machine gun cartridge.

Description[edit | edit source]

Created for the quintessential Russian machine gun, the DShK, this cartridge is essentially the Soviet version of the .50 BMG, with few minor differences.

Rambo film usage[edit | edit source]

The weapon has been featured in the middle two Rambo films, wherever Soviets are present. As the DShK is the official machine gun of the Soviet army, the armorers were very careful to get DShKs for the films. However, real DShKs are hard to come by for an American production, so mocked-up M60s were used instead. However, in Rambo III, real DShKs were used because they shot the film in Israel and were allowed access to authentic Soviet weaponry. In the scene where Rambo uses a Mujhaideen DShK to shoot down a Soviet helicopter, a true non-desentigrating ammunition belt can obviously be seen as well as a several 12.7mm rounds.

The real DShKs can be told apart from reproductions and mock-ups because of their anti-aircraft adjustable sights, their ammo belts, correct barrels, mounts and cocking handle.

Guns Chambered For 12.7×108mm in Rambo[edit | edit source]

  • DShK heavy machine gun

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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